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Pantone Necklace Set

Pantone Necklace Set

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Chameleon Necklace/Bracelet Set

Chameleon Necklace/Bracelet Set includes one ring and four stones. The stones are designed to be placed inside the frame. With a change of the stone, it becomes a new necklace/bracelet.

The frame is designed to assemble the interface of Pantone color palette. Each stone comes with unique pattern and accidental beauty, like a nature’s painting. The goal is for the “frame” to set off the “painting”. It’s like wearing a mini gallery around your neck/on your wrist.

Change the stone to style with outfit of the day!

Open the lid of the frame, put in one of the stones, close the lid to secure the stone.

Frame Holder Size: 30MM × 12MM × 4MM
Stone Size: 28MM × 10MM × 2.5MM
Chain Length: 33CM + 8CM Adjustable
Ring Material: Copper Plated 18K Platinum
Stone Material: Golden Calcite (Yellow), Rose Quartz (Pink), Zoisite (Dark Green), Zebra stone (Black & White)

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